About Us.

A team that cares
Setup, teardown, and operation solutions for your

We specialize in labor for the convention and corporate meeting space. With a hands on approach, the senior members of LAV have managed to hand pick some of the best technicians throughout country. This approach has led to our clients having great success and seamless shows.


Our Team.

Freddy Sanchez

Owner & Founder

Jorge Hernandez

Owner & Founder

Gianina Mastroeni

Office Manager

Jairo Ceron

Show Site Lead

Alfredo Charry

Project Manager

Alyssa Reynoso

Project Manager

Carlos Huggins

Equipment Coordinator and Project Manager

Jon Byrd

Project Manager and Operations

Valentina Rodriguez

Project Manager

Angelica Jaimes

Project Manager

Stay focused on your clients.
Let us handle the show execution.


Scouting and hiring the best talent is our goal.


Lighting Director
Lighting Designer
Master Electrician
Lighting Assist


A1/Audio Engineer
Wireless Tech
Audio Assist


Video Engineer Projectionist
Tape Op
Camera Op
Video Assist


Project Manager
Equipment Coordinator
Labor Coordinator
Stage Manager

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